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Digital Marketer or digital professional? We’d like to think we can help your current role and who knows perhaps your career? Digital marketing is complex stuff and the industry is full of acronyms, abbreviations, not to mention technology, innovations and constant change. Wow - why do we do this to ourselves? Because, let’s face it, it’s a very exciting industry to be a part of.

What we do

At ivantage we run classroom (just London currently), in-house (at your place), webinar and e-learning training sessions for digital people who are curious, want, no need, to know more about key products, technologies and methodologies that have, do and are shaping digital marketing and customer engagement.

Our Promise To You

At ivantage, we make you a promise - digital marketing training in-depth, in detail and by practitioners.

Upcoming training

For our full training schedule, including courses in Google Analytics, AdWords & Tag Manager, please use the links below:
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