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  • Useful tools and reports to help check Google Analytics page tagging

    Google Analytics’ Achilles Heel is poor page tagging so what can be done to check how well tagged your website is? Well, here are some useful tools and reports: Browser tools:1) View Source in your browser and search “UA-“2) Firebug for Firefox3) Charles or Fiddler for Internet Explorer4) Charles for Safari5) Wasp (Free version)6) Google Analytics Tracking Code Debugger Free Scanning tools:1) http://sitescanga.com Paid Scanning Tools:1) Wasp (Paid Versions) (http://webanalyticssolutionprofiler.com/)2) Observepoint3) REL Link Checker – You can use Relsofware’s Web Link Validator Page Rules which are designed for evaluating pages against certain conditions and confirming the absence or presence of specific display text, tag... [...]

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    What Google Analytics can’t tell you

    Like any web analytics package, Google Analytics is very good at helping you understand how visitors found your website and what visitors are doing on your website but not why they are doing it. To understand the “why” we need other tools like: 1) Site Surveys tools such as:iperceptions (formally 4Q)KampyleGoogle Consumer Surveys 2) Page Surveys tools such as:Qualaroo 3) Live ChatLive PersonLive ChatZendesk 4) Heuristic review tools: Screen recording (yourself):CamtasiaScreenFlow Heuristics from Nielsen Norman Group:E-commerce heuristicsNon-profitB2B heuristicsAbout us heuristicsPR section heuristicsInvestor relations heuristicsIntranet heuristics 5) A/B and Multivariate testing toolsGoogle Analytics Content ExperimentsVisual Website OptimizerOptimizelyAdobe Test and TargetSiteSpect 6) Online usability... [...]

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    The Top 10 set-up and usage mistakes to avoid when using Google Analytics

    Mistake 1 – Not upgrading to Universal Analytics and not using Google Tag ManagerGoogle Analytics is a wonderful tool – it allows you to see how visitors arrive to your website and what those users go on to do. However, its ‘Achilles’ heel’ is poor customisation when setting up tagging. Missing code from pages, duplicate code, incorrect code configuration on pages when, for example, the user’s journey spans different domains or sub-domains can and does cause the Google Analytics data you collect to be corrupted. Attempting to make decisions on such poor data will obviously lead to poor decisions. So,... [...]

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    Understanding, Deploying and Using Google Tag Manager

    Today we publish our new guide “Understanding, deploying and using Google Tag Manager”. Written by Matt Trimmer of ivantage and published by Smart Insights, the guide takes you from defining what tags are, what they do, how they work, why to manage them and the benefits of a tag management system. The guide then focuses on Google Tag Manager, Google’s free tag management system that, like Google Analytics, has become ubiquitous because of its price, quality and ease of use. The guide goes through why you should use Google Tag Manager, planning your installation, installing GTM, publishing basic tags and... [...]

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