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It's important to configure Google Analytics to only record your website's Pageviews that actually matter. If your website uses query string parameters it may be creating hundreds or thousands of unique Pageviews which do not actually exist. This clutters analytics, fills up table space and makes sensible analysis difficult. To prevent this data being collected you need to identify it and filter it out:

1) Check for query string parameters in Content > Top Content
2) Export your Top Content, use &limit=50000 suffixed to the Content >Top Content report
3) Export to CSV (does not work for CSV for Excel)
4) Check your Content for URLs to clean or remove in order to aggregate your data for better analysis and to prevent irrelevant Pageviews. You may need to discuss which parameters should be ignored in Google Analytics and which should stay in because they add value to your analysis.
5) Exclude any query string parameters, separated by commas in Edit Profile> Excluding URL query parameters

More on excluding query string parameters:


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