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Firstly, what is a Google Account?
A Google Account is a “single sign-on” service by Google attached to a single email and password that you can use to access multiple Google services, including Google Analytics, Google Groups, Google Alerts, Google Product Search, Personalized Search, and Personalized Homepage. If you currently use one of these services, you probably already have a Google Account that you can use to access Google Analytics.

However, because the data collected by Google Analytics is commercially confidential, you should only access Google Analytics for your organization with a corporate email address and not a personal one. This is to ensure your organization can keep track of who has access to the web analytics data Google Analytics is collecting.
How do I know if already have a Google Account?

To check if you already have a Google Account:
1) Go to Google.co.uk or your preferred Google search domain and check the right hand sign of the screen for “Sign in”. If “Sign in” is displayed as below then go to step 3:

2) If “Sign out” is displayed instead then you already have a Google Account and the email address you are using is associated with a Google Account which is displayed in the top right corner of your screen:

3) Chance are then, you don’t have a Google Account, but by trying to reset the password for your email address, Google will confirm if you have one or not. So go to https://www.google.com/accounts/ForgotPasswd? and enter your corporate email address in the field provided.
4) Once you've entered the Captcha tag, if your email address is not recognised by Google then Google will tell you it can’t recognise the email and it’s confirmed you don’t have a Google Account. You should, then create a Google Account by going to step 6 below.

5) If the password reset process continues, you have a Google Account and you can either continue on and reset your password (because it would seem you have forgotten setting this Google Account up!) or use the password you already have with the Google Account. You need do no more but simply click on Google Analytics once you've logged in to your Google Account.
6) Go to https://www.google.com/accounts/NewAccount and create a Google Account by entering your corporate email address, selecting a suitable password and so on...

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